Full Service Dog Grooming includes:

Bathing and de-shed, complete haircut with scissoring, nail clipping and filing, ears cleaned, pads, sanitary clip, bow/bandana & cologne/perfume.

Bathe & Brush includes:

Bathing and de-shed, nail clipping and filing, ears cleaned, pads, sanitary clip.

Bathe and Cleanup includes:

Bathing and light trim all over.

Please Note: Dogs Etc. does NOT charge any extra for specialty shampoos such as:

  • Medicated, Oatmeal, Hypoallergenic, Aloe, or Blueing Shampoos
  • Conditioners
  • Re-Moisturizers

Please note: Prices may vary depending on condition of the coat, animal size, and behavior. A no call/no show fee of $25 may be assessed if you do not contact us for cancellation via phone or email.

Dogs Etc. provides grooming services to other small animals such as birds, pigs, rabbits and more. Please inquire within.

Dog Grooming Extras

Walk-in Nail Trim
Anal Gland Expression
Teeth Brushing
Bluberry Facial
Flea Bath
Doggy Dentist Teeth Cleaning
De-Shedding Treatment


Cat Grooming

Bath, Haircut, Nails, Ears
Bath, Nails, Ears, De-shed
Soft Paws